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Jeffrey Mutchler, Superintendent
Christine Mutchler, Office Manager
Paul Beers, Grounds Foreman

Easton Cemetery

Board of Directors

Marshall Wolff, President

Jared Mast, Vice President

Sharon Ashton, Treasurer

Paul Barclay, Secretary 

Natalee Moss Hercik

Thomas McFadden

Friends of
Historic Easton Cemetery

Board of Directors


Amy Wolff, President

Cassandra Mayberry, Treasurer

Tanya Ruiz, Secretary

Hannah Ehret

Kelly Feathers

Beverly Lewis

Ana Ramirez Luhrs

Kay Wolff

What our staff does.


With a property as large as Easton Cemetery, there is a lot to be done on site! Our staff takes care of the property and makes the cemetery a beautiful place for you to visit.

Many visitors remark on the beauty of the 84-acre grounds and 42,000+ gravesites. It’s remarkable, considering the cemetery is maintained by a staff of just two full-time workers and a few part-time employees, including the superintendent and seasonal employees.  When the cemetery first opened in 1849, there was a staff of 30 people responsible for about 50 acres!

Learn more about Staffs’ Duties below:


  • Removing leaves:  About 100 truckloads each year, about twice that before Hurricane Sandy destroyed many of the trees. The cemetery received a grant to replace some of the trees but not all. If you would like to plant a tree in honor or memory of a loved one, please contact the office.

  • Removing downed trees and limbs.

  • Mowing grass with careful attention to grass and weeds around monuments.

  • Snowplowing during the winter months.

  • Road maintenance. With more than eight miles of roads, repair is an issue due to lack of funding.

  • Trim shrubs and trees.

  • Clean storm drains. There are more than 30 of these, requiring the grates or concrete caps to be removed and leaves removed.


  • Preparation for burial and closing afterwards.

  • Preparing foundations for headstone placement.

  • Erecting as many as 15 fallen headstones each year as a result of vandalism or the effects of Mother Nature. This requires at least three people, and sometimes a backhoe for heavier stones.

  • Removal of old flowers, including faded artificial arrangements.

  • Respecting the wishes of families who prefer to do their own plot maintenance.

General Maintenance & Equipment

  • Care of buildings including the garage, chapel, mausoleum, superintendents’ house/office.

  • Maintenance of all equipment used for groundskeeping. 

  • Addressing the impact of wildlife (deer, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, hawks, eagles, owls, groundhogs, hornets, yellow jackets) on our grounds.

Friends of
Historic Easton Cemetery


Mission Statement 

Recognizing the unique historic, environmental, and educational assets, the Friends of Historic Easton Cemetery, a 501(c)(3), works to preserve, protect and promote the Easton Cemetery (established 1849). 

Events and Programs

  • Green Traill 5K Run/Walk fundraiser

  • Passport to History

  • Community Day

  • Weekend Wanderers 

  • Purple Death / Halloween at the Easton Cemetery

  • Concerts

  • Special talks and tours

Volunteers and Docents

  • Guided tours and printed tour booklets

  • Student tours (EASD 4th grade field trips) 

  • Research and history 

  • Grave Gardening program 

  • Gravestone cleaning program  

Marketing  and Fundraising

  • "Restore the Sword" for Colonel Wikoff 

  • Partnerships 

  • Social media 

  • General cemetery communications 

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