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The world faces unprecedented challenges. As the death care industry paradigm shifts from higher burial revenues to lower revenue from cremations, many historic cemeteries find themselves struggling financially. Easton Cemetery is no different.


The cemetery is facing the largest challenge of its 175-year existence.


Founded in 1849 and on the National Register of Historic Sites, it was designed based on the picturesque romantic styles of the 19th century, making it the perfect place for Sunday promenading and quiet recreation of families of all socio-economic means of the community.


We are determined to bring the Historic Easton Cemetery back to life, just as it was when it first opened its gates in 1849.


We know where we have to go, and we have a plan to get there. So far, we have invested in:



Operational Efficiencies

  • Merged with Easton Heights Cemetery for improved efficiencies

  • Contracting our services (lawn, tree removal, burials, etc.) to other cemeteries

  • Running a strategically lean operation to keep expenses down


Community Engagement & Support

  • Added four new board members with representation from Lafayette College and Greater Easton Development Partnership

  • Increased awareness of the cemetery through popular event programming

  • Cultivated an active volunteer community


Non-Profit Foundation & Endowment

  • Established the Friends of Historic Easton Cemetery, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded to preserve, protect, and promote the cemetery

  • Developed a sustainable strategy for large sponsors, donors, and grants


We know we have more work to do, and we have an incredibly dedicated team of staff, board members, and volunteers.


We need your help now to protect the past by investing in the future.


To build upon our momentum, please consider helping the beautiful Historic Easton Cemetery by making a tax deductible donation to our Stabilization and Growth fund.


No matter the size of your donation, all contributions will advance our efforts to protect the past by investing in the future of the Historic Easton Cemetery.


We need donations to our Stabilization and Growth fund TODAY to ensure we have the time and resources to implement our long term strategy tomorrow. Thank you for helping us achieve this goal.


No matter the size of your donation, all contributions will advance our efforts to protect the past by investing in the future of the Historic Easton Cemetery. 

Leave a Legacy

When you include the Easton Cemetery in your estate plan, you ensure that it will continue to thrive for generations to come.

Become a Corporate Partner

The Easton Cemetery invites businesses and corporations to provide critical operating support while garnering subtle co-branding and customized experiences for your employees. 



Volunteer Your Time

Check out our volunteer page for current opportunities.


Be a Sponsor

Would you or your company be willing to sponsor part of the cemetery or an event? Reach out to us.


Donate Your Services

If you would be willing to donate your skilled labor, resources, or profits from a fundraising event, please reach out.


Employer Matching

See if your employer will match your donation and make your gift go twice as far.


Spread the Word

Talk about the cemetery with your friends, family, and community!


Grant Writing

We are looking for grant writer(s) that would be willing to work pro bono.

What You're Supporting


Keep Our Gates Open

We have a plan for the future, but we need your help NOW to ensure that we have the time to put it in place for the next 175 years and beyond.

Road Constuction

Road Repaving

Cars were allowed in Easton Cemetery in 1913 and it soon became apparent that the dirt roads were no longer adequate. Now the cemetery is faced with the daunting problem of resurfacing 9 miles of road within the grounds.


Protect Our Green Space

With 86 acres of greenery, this is the largest public green space in Easton. And keeping the 9 miles of roads maintained as well as grass mowed and snow and debris cleaned is an expensive endeavor for a very learn grounds crew.


Community & Education

Throughout the year, Friends of Historic Easton Cemetery hosts a number of events and programming including cemetery tours, a 5k run/walk, Community Day and 4th grade field trips for the Easton Area School District. Your donation supports these programs.


Preserve History

With over 42,000 buried and 175 years of historical figures, war heroes, famous artists, and notable and loved Easton residents, Historic Easton Cemetery tells the history of Easton by remembering the deceased. 


Monument Restoration

Our mausoleum was built in 1919 and all of the burial niches within it were quickly sold. But after 100 years, this beautiful structure is badly in need of repair.  Other monuments, such as a the George Taylor monument in front of the chapel, are also in need of restoration.

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