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BORN: August 29, 1828
DIED: August 16, 1900
SECTION: N, # 168

Henry Green, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, was born in 1828, in Warren County, NJ. He became a part of the freshman class at Lafayette College at age 15 and graduated in 1846. He studied at Judge Washington McCartney’s Union Law School in Easton and was admitted to the Northampton County bar in 1849.

Green struggled to build a practice in Easton but eventually he took advantage of the opportunity to associate with prominent Easton attorney Andrew Reeder. While Reeder served as the Governor of the Kansas Territory, Green successfully maintained his extensive practice. Upon his return to Easton, a grateful Reeder made Green his partner.

When Reeder died in 1864, Green began to practice on his own. He was successful in building a significant group of clients, including the wealthy coal and railroad baron Asa Packer.

When an opening on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania occurred in 1879, Green’s fine reputation inspired the governor to appoint him as a temporary Justice. Green successfully ran in the 1880 election for the full term and served 21 years as Justice. He reached the pinnacle of Pennsylvania’s legal profession in January 1900 when he became the Chief Justice due to seniority. Sadly his reward was short-lived. While vacationing in Atlantic City that summer, he suddenly became ill and died within a day.

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