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Our cemetery guidelines ensure safety for our visitors. All are welcome, but keep in mind this is a final resting place of loved ones. In the spirit of maintaining the sacred nature of our active cemetery, the following rules will be enforced:


  • The 7th Street gate is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to dusk.

  • This is a final resting place and an active cemetery. Please be respectful of funeral services, as well as the cemetery grounds.

  • No bicycles, skateboards or roller skates/roller blades are allowed on cemetery grounds.

  • The cemetery welcomes responsible dog owners and their dogs. Dogs should be kept on leashes at all times. Dog waste should be cleaned up. Waste disposal boxes are located throughout the cemetery grounds.

  • No hunting.

  • No littering.

  • Pedestrians, please be aware of passing cars and keep to the side of the road wherever possible.


  • We encourage you to take photos of our beautiful cemetery. Please tag @historiceastoncemetery on Instagram, or use the hashtag #eastoncemetery

  • Filming or photography within the cemetery will not interfere with normal cemetery operations, disrupt the peaceful ambiance of the cemetery or violate a family's expressed desire for privacy.

  • Any professional photography, intended for publication or commercial use, may be permitted only with written consent of Easton Cemetery.

  • Cemetery management retains the right to approve, disapprove or halt filming or photography that interferes with normal cemetery operations, violates a family's expressed desire for privacy or depicts the Easton Cemetery inaccurately and/or negatively. Political or partisan activities of any nature, including filming of campaign ads, are not permitted on cemetery grounds.

  • News media should contact the office in advance if they wish to conduct a news story or to cover a committal service or interment. 

  • Live models, drone cameras, video and movie cameras are prohibited.


  • Due to the age and nature of our monuments, grave rubbings are strictly prohibited.

  • If you are a researcher or a family descendant and would like to learn more about a certain monument or inscription, please contact the office.

  • Please refrain from touching any monuments or mausoleums. Stones may topple over posing a safety concern. Additionally, marble and brownstone surfaces are especially susceptible to damage if touched.

  • Never sit or walk on a monument.

  • Do not disturb gravesites or items left as tribute.

Private Events:

  • Easton Cemetery provides a beautiful setting to celebrate the life of a loved one. If you would like to request a private ceremony or event, please contact the office.

  • Private events of any kind are not permitted without written permission from the cemetery office. Give them a call at 610-252-1741 or email us at

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