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BORN: May 25, 1813
DIED: April 29, 1897
SECTION: N; # 37

During his lifetime, Traill Green was a medical doctor, teacher, botanist, geologist, chemist, professor, humanitarian, and author. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1835 and the following year became a professor of chemistry at Lafayette College, beginning a lifelong association with the school. In 1864 he donated funds for an astronomical observatory. The building was later torn down and its stones were used to form the arch at the foot of College Avenue, a gift of the class of 1929.

Dr. Green’s interest in improving the condition of his fellow citizen led to his lectures on the evils of graveyards in crowded places. Easton was a thriving community, he saw the need for burial grounds to be a safe and sanitary distance from the houses and businesses. These efforts led to the opening of Easton Cemetery in 1849. Dr. Green became the first president of the Board of Directors and served in that position for 40 years. As a tribute to his years of service a bronze statue was unveiled with great ceremony at the entrance to the cemetery in 1911.

Dr. Green and William Cottingham (another notable resident) shared a common interest in education. Green was a member of the school board in Easton, serving as president for eight years. Cottingham was elected by the board as superintendent of the Easton schools and held that position for 60 years.

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